Establishment of women hostels in major cities of Punjab



Government of the Punjab is committed to ensure women empowerment and facilitate them for playing a positive role in development of the country. Women Development Department is playing an active role in providing support services to women. One of the vital services enabling participation of women in employment / work and education is the provision of safe and affordable hostel accommodation. In this regards, Women Development Department intends to establish hostels for women under PPP mode in various cities of Punjab.



Multiple cities in Punjab

Concerned Govt. Agency

Women Development Department

Estimated cost

PKR 1.00 Billion

Proposal Type


Current Status

Hiring of Transaction Advisor to prepare project proposal under process.  


Role of Government Agency           

  • Provision of land or identification of suitable location for hostel in proposed cities
  • Facilitate in obtaining necessary NOCs/approvals/licenses.

Role of Private Party            

  • Finance
  • Design
  • Build
  • Operate & Maintain
  • Transfer