Public-Private Partnership (PPP) is one of the most effective vehicle to enhance private sector participation in public services delivery, increase growth, and create jobs leading to reduction of poverty. The PPPs help in attracting private capital investment, increasing efficiency through the profit motivation of the private sector, and helping reform the selected sectors through the reallocation of roles and risks.

The PPP cell is serving as a focal point for supporting all PPP initiatives in the province. The mandate of the PPP Cell is to promote and facilitate PPP development in Punjab and assist line departments and local governments in preparing and executing high-quality PPP projects. To fulfill this mandate, the PPP Cell is performing the role of a PPP catalyst and advocate, knowledge manager, policy and project advisor. PPP Cell is providing support to line departments and City District Governments in identifying financially viable concepts and also building the capacity of their staff to transform these concepts into projects.

PPP Cell is working in conjunction with other integral components of the institutional PPP framework, including a high-level PPP Policy and Monitoring Board, Punjab PPP Auhtority and Government Agencies as focal points for specific PPP projects in line departments and district governments, and a Risk Management Unit in the Finance Department.