Public-Private Partnership Cell was approved as a project in 2009 and housed in Planning & Development Board, Government of the Punjab. Later, the Provincial Assembly of Punjab, approved “Punjab Public Private Partnership for Infrastructure Act, 2010” which acknowledged the PPP Cell as a statutory body. PPP Cell became operational in November 2010 and started to effectively play its role since July 2012, after recruitment against important positions. The Punjab Public Private Partnership for Infrastructure Act, 2010 was revised in 2014 and finally in 2019 as “Punjab Public Private Partnership Act”.

During its short operational tenure, following major milestones have been achieved:

  1. Establishment and utilization of Project Development Facility (PDF) Fund to develop Feasibilities and Transaction Advisory Services for PPP projects.
  2. Facilitated the line departments in developing new PPP proposals in the light of PPP Policy and Act.
  3. Reviewed and recommended major projects in multiple economic sectors (Road, Transport, Health, Food etc.) which are at different stages of development/execution.
  4. MoU signed with IFC for availing consultancy (Transaction Advisory Services) for Public-Private Partnerships.
  5. In order to promote PPP and bring awareness about PPP Policy among the line departments, orientation sessions were arranged in 14 departments which were attended by the secretaries/departmental heads along with their team.
  6. Templates/model documents were prepared and provided to government agencies for facilitation of process and preparation of projects.
  7. The Cell facilitated line departments in preparation of concept papers of project proposal.
  8. Facilitated in establishment and functionalization of Punjab Public Private Partnership Authority (PPPPA) in 2020.