The Government of Punjab is committed to the well being of its people through sustained economic growth and provision of infrastructure services and facilities such as roads, schools, hospitals and power plants. We believe that in order to develop these facilities at a rapid pace despite limited public sector resources, it is critical to forge an effective and strong partnership with the private sector, promoting investment by domestic and international investors in Punjab’s infrastructure sectors.

The Government has already demonstrated its commitment to modernizing the infrastructure in the province by investing in landmark projects like Lahore Ring Road. To undertake similar projects in various sectors across Punjab and to develop state-of-the-art infrastructure throughout the province, the Government is adopting a sound and comprehensive public-private partnership (PPP) strategy to attract private capital to these projects by providing policy and legal certainty to the investors.

We hope that Public Private Partnership will be a harbinger for a new wave of private investments from investors from Pakistan and abroad, which in turn will pave the way for better and affordable infrastructure facilities and services, through faster project implementation, leveraging public funds, a shift from public to private sector management and enhanced accountability.

Chief Minister, Punjab