Dualization of Jhelum, PD Khan, Lillah Interchange M2 road


Jhelum, PD Khan, Lillah Interchange M2 Road is very important road. It links Jhelum District with Chakwal District. The alignment will connect National Highway N-5 at Lillah Interchange, P.D. Khan with Motorway M-2. This alignment will intersect to National Highway (N-5) at P.D. Khan Lillah Interchange.This road passes through thickly populated Cities and towns of Jhelum, PD Khan and Chakwal besides other small towns.

PPP Modality

Build-Operate and Transfer (BOT) mode

Sponsoring Agency

Communication and Works Department

Implementation Agency

Communication and Works Department

Project Cost

PKR 16,050 million


Jhelum, PD Khan and Lillah

Source of Revenue


Project Features


Length:107 km

Current Status

  • PDF approved from PPP Steering Committee.
  • Hiring of Transaction Advisor under process

Project Objectives

  • Reduction in time of Travel.
  • Decrease in Vehicle Operating Cost (VOC)
  • Decrease in traffic accidents due to improved/upgraded Highway Safety Standards.
  • Add impetus to commerce and trade activities in the vicinity near the carriageway as well.
  • Uplift in economic in different sector due to fast safe and reliable journey after up-gradation

Role of Government

  • Provision of ROW
  • Assist in getting necessary approvals

Role of Private Party

  • Design
  •  Finance
  •  Build
  • Operate and Transfer