Genetic Improvement Center Khizrabad (GICK) under PPP Mode


At present, local semen production is unable to fulfil the local demand and therefore the farmers either use conventional techniques or opt the imported semen. Government of Punjab is intended to improve the efficiency of already existing Genetic Improvement Center Khizrabad (GICK) under PPP mode for high quality semen production and increasing the efficiency of local breeds.




Proposal Type

unsolicited with ROT

Estimated Cost

PKR 353 million

Concession Period

25 Years

Concerned/Sponsoring Agency

Live Stock and Dairy Development Department

Current Status

Project proposal under preparation


Salient Features

  • Substitute of imported or low quality local semen with locally produced alternate high quality semen
  • Better insemination and breeding expected to lead to improvement in milk yields and meat production

Role of Government Agency

  • Provision of demarked 37 acres genetic improvement center area
  • Provide and support in obtaining necessary approvals

Role of Private Party

  • Transforming the GICK into a high quality indigenous breed semen production facility serving livestock farmers
  • Completion of civil works
  • Purchase, install and commission laboratories and semen processing equipment
  • Production of straws
  • Arrange finance required to undertake the project
  • Transfer back the project to Government after concession period