Pipeline Projects

  1. Development Of Tourist Resort/Entertainment Park At Uchali Lake, Soon Valley, District Khushab (PPP Mode)
  2. Up-Gradation Of Punjab Printing Press
  3. Establishment Of Combined Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) At Sundar Industrial Estate (SIE) Under PPP Mode
  4. Improvement Of Water Supply System In Murree Under PPP Mode Rehabilitate, Operate And Transfer (ROT)
  5. Replacement Of Conventional Street Lights To Led Lights In Sahiwal City
  6. Upgrading Street Lights In Lahore To Energy Efficient Leds
  7. Establishment Of Weaving City At M-3 Industrial Estate, Faisalabad
  8. Establishment Of Combined Effluent Treatment Plant (Cetp), Faisalabad
  9. Establishment Including Civil Works, Procurement, Installation, Operation And Maintenance Of 72 Mobile Weigh Stations Under Axle Load Management Regime Punjab Under PPP Mode
  10. Construction Of Waste Water Treatment Plant at Northeast (Mehmood Booti Ne-I And Shadbagh Ne-II) and South West (Babu Sabu), Lahore
  11. Contruction Of Surface Water Treatment Plant At Jhang Branch Canal Faisalabad
  12. Waste Water Treatment Plant At Madhuana, Faisalabad
  13. Surface Water Treatment Plant, Lahore
  14. Model Town Housing Scheme, Sargodha
  15. Aquaculture Processing Zone In Punjab
  16. Multipurpose Parking Plaza And Hostel In Nishtar Park Sports Complex And Establishment Of Sports Complex Multan, Lahore
  17. Operation & Maintenance Of Sports Facilities In Punjab – Phase I & Ii
  18. Out Sourcing Of Health Facilities In Thq Manawa & Murree
  19. Construction Of Restaurant, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, 3-D Cinema, Community Hall, Mini Zoo Etc. And Development Of Joyland In Shahbaz Sharif Park, Gujrat”
  20. Establishment Of Theme Park In Lahore
  21. Drivers Training Program In Punjab
  22. Establishment Of Nuclear Medicine Centre, Jinnah Hospital, Lahore In PPP Mode
  23. Diagnostic Centers At Dhq And Thq Hospitals In Public-Private Partnership Mode
  24. Dualization Of Shiekhupura-Hafizabad Road
  25. Construction Of Allied Facilities And Installation Of Toll Plaza On Canal Expressway From Gattwala Bridge To Sahianwala (M-3) Interchange, Faisalabad
  26. Flyover At G.T. Road From Sarwar Shaheed College To Gulliana Mor Tehsil Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi
  27. Construction Of Rawalpindi Ring Road
  28. Construction Of The Parking Plazas With Shopping Malls At Old Municipal Corporation And Zail Ghar Katcherey Bazar, Faisalabad
  29. Dual Carriageway Dina Mangla Road From N5, Dina To Mangla Bridge, Mangla
  30. Multi-Modal Intercity Bus Terminals In Lahore
  31. Establishment Of Combined Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) At Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate (QIE) Under PPP Mode
  32. Contract Farming Through PPP
  33. Establishment Of Agri Mall At Karkhana Allat-e- Zarai Bahawalpur Under PPP Mode
  34. Establishment of Industrial Estate Near Sahianwala Interchage M-3 Moterway Faisalabad