Improvement in health facilities in five districts of Punjab (Package-I)


The Government of Punjab is undertaking reforms to improve the healthcare service delivery under the umbrella of Punjab Health reforms Roadmap. Contracting out management of health services is one of the measures being introduced to overcome inherent hurdles in the delivery of accessible, affordable and equitable health services to the people. The Punjab Government has decided to contract out delivery of facility and community based services in DHQ Hospital, Pakpattan.



District Pakpattan, Punjab

Proposal Type

Solicited proposal on Management Contract (MC) basis

Estimated Cost

PKR 1,005 million

Concession Period

03 Years

Concerned/Sponsoring Agency

Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department

Current Status

The project has been operationalized on 16-08-2017.

Salient Features

Enlisted below are prime features of the project

  • Provision of basic health facilities
  • Increase the quality of services by ensuring implementation of clinical, administrative and hygienic protocols

Role of Government Agency

  • Ensuring consistency of supply of funds
  • Providing funds as agreed in the contract
  • Providing initial information on the status of facilities
  • Facilitation and coordination with district officials.
  • Guidance and mentoring on quality regimes.
  • Ensuring adequate political support
  • Monitoring the performance against KPIs by collecting and analyzing data using multiple sources including third party surveys
  • Providing supplementary grants according to reasonable requirements
  • Awarding penalties in case of non-performance of providers
  • Providing support to the providers in the initial period to aid in transition

Role of Private Party

  • Management of human resource (HR)
  • Maintenance of infrastructure
  • Maintenance of furniture and equipment
  • Procurement and provision of medical and non-medical supplies and consumables
  • Enforcement of clinical and hygienic protocols
  • Training of staff
  • Employing efficient administrative practices that ensure patient satisfaction
  • Hiring of staff against vacant positions
  • Ensuring an efficient system for referrals is in place between facilities
  • Efficient management of outreach staff and developing strong linkages between the facility and outreach workers
  • Accurate and detailed maintenance of patient records