Establishment of model cattle market, Lahore


Current location of cattle market only consists of 72 Acres land, therefore, it is difficult for operating the existing cattle market on larger scale, and causes traffic congestion on Multan road due to massive amount of buyers & sellers visiting cattle market. The development of urban areas around the current site made it difficult to operate the cattle market on the current location. Unavailability of modern facilities for traders as well as for cattle is also considered as major reason for establishment of new Cattle Market. Furthermore, the proposed project will also create opportunities for exporters of meat. The model Cattle Market will be a platform for Livestock and Agriculture companies to exhibit and sell their products. The Market will also house training facilities and serve as a venue for national and international events.



Khudpur (close to southern loop-III of LRR), Lahore

Concerned/Sponsoring Agency LG&CD Department   

PPP  Modility

Build-Operate & Transfer (BOT)

PDF Cost PKR 20 Million 

Estimated Cost

PKR 4,890 Million (including cost of land)

Implementation Agency  Lahore Division Cattle Market Management Company   

Current Status

TA hiring is under process 


​Salient Features

  • Sorting/targeting/traceability/auction rings of animals
  • Permanent sheds and livestock enclosures for livestock display
  • Parking lot for trucks & cars/loading & unloading bays
  • Livestock auction ring
  • Hotels/ shops/ display centers
  • Security & information booths
  • Pedestrian pathways, etc.

Role of Government Agency

  • Necessary approvals/ NOCs
  • Monitoring

Role of Private Party

  • Finance
  • Design
  • Construct
  • Operate & Transfer