Rehabilitation of Wazairabad Sambrial Sialkot Road


Rehabilitation of Wazirabad-Sambrial-Sialkot road is important road. It connects Wazirabad to Sialkot through Sambrial. It is important connectivity for Lahore–Islamabad Motorway M-2 and economic activities through development of industries in the area. The initial investment cost of the said road is PKR approximately 2,900 million under BOT mode. The proposed road will reduce travelling time and vehicles operating cost. The rehabilitation of instant road will save travelling time and vehicles operating cost and length of road is 37.00 KM. The government will provide clear Right of Way (ROW) while private party will finance, build, operate and transfer the project after completion of concession period. The hiring of Transaction Advisory Services under process for the said project.




Proposal Type

Solicited Proposal

PPP Modality Build-Operate and Transfer (BOT) mode 

Estimated Cost

PKR 2960  Million


 37 KM

Concerned/Sponsoring Agency

Communication and Works Department 

Implementation Agency Communication and Works Department
Source of Revenue Tolling

Current Status

PDF approved in Executive Committee of PPPP Authority


Role of Government  Agency

  • Provision of ROW

  • Assist in getting necessary approvals

Role of Private Party

  • Design
  • Finance
  • Build
  • Operate and Transfer the project