Waste Water Treatment Plant at Madhuana Faisalabad

Project Introduction

There is no wastewater treatment plant on Eastern side of Faisalabad at present. Untreated wastewater is collected and carried through two open storm water channels to Madhuana Drain which finally discharges into River Ravi. It is hazardous for the inhabitants living along the river apart from being a major cause of environmental degradation. At western side, there is a small wastewater treatment plant of 20 MGD capacity, which covers only 10% of total domestic wastewater generated per day. Proposed eastern wastewater treatment plant will be constructed with total capacity of 150 MGD to treat wastewater as per National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS).



Concerned/Sponsoring Agency

  • Housing Urban Development & Public Health Engineering Department (HUD&PHE) Department 
  • Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA), Faisalabad

Current Status

Hiring of transaction advisory services to prepare PPP project proposal is in process.  



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