Dualization of Shiekhupura-Hafizabad Road


Shiekhupura Hafizabad road is a very important inter district and inter provincial highway link and takes off from Sheikhupura Sargodha Road at Km No. 41 and leads to Hafizabad. The Total length of this road is 50 km out of which 35 km fall in district Sheikhupura while remaining fall in Hafizabad. It is the shortest route between Lahore and Hafizabad. The route is also used to visit tomb of famous Punjabi poet Waris Shah at Jandiala Sher Khan at km no. 14. It also crosses Motorway M-2 at km no. 6 Hiran Minar Interchange. By the construction of interchange of Lahore – Islamabad Motorway M-2 at km 6 from Sheikhupura city has resulted in generation of diverted traffic particularly in the section of road from Shiekhupura city to crossing of Hiran Minar Interchange.



Proposal Type

Solicited with BOT

Estimated Cost

PKR 7,050 million

Concession Period

25 Years

Concerned/Sponsoring Agency

Communication and Works Department

Current Status

Hiring of TA is under process

PDF approved from Policy and Monitoring Board

Salient Features

  • Length of road=50 Km
  • Proposed Design= Rural Limits    Four Lane Divided Highway (4+24+2+16+2+24+4)= Urban Limits=      Four Lane Divided Highway
  • Right of Way (ROW)        =110’
  • Toll Plaza Locations=4 Stations
  • Weigh Stations= 4 Stations

Role of Government Agency

  • Provision of ROW
  • Assist in getting necessary approvals

Role of Private Party

  • Design, Finance, Construct, Operate, Maintain and Transfer of road.
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Toll collection