Construction of the Parking Plazas with Shopping Malls at Old Municipal Corporation and Zail Ghar Katcherey Bazar, Faisalabad

Project Introduction

  • Realizing the situation City District Government Faisalabad proposed for Parking Plaza Cum Shopping Mall as under:-
  • Old Municipal Corporation Area = 12.75-Kanals
  • Zail Ghar Katcherey Bazar=4 Kanals.
  • The above mentioned places, have been selected keeping view the facility of the peoples of Faisalabad for Parking and Shopping around the main Business cluster of Clock Tower Faisalabad. These Locations are situated at the most of Karkhana Bazar and Katchery Bazar where the parking has become huge problem.



Proposal Type

Solicited with BOT

Estimated Cost

PKR 3,050 million

Concession Period

25 Years

Concerned/Sponsoring Agency

Communication and Works Department

Salient Features

  • Old Municipal Corporation          
  • Land= 12.75 Kanals
  • Stories= 10
  • Parking capacity of 1,387 Vehicles
  • Parking capacity of 1,617 motorcycles
  • Construction of Shops
  • Provision of 29 Stores/Offices.
  • Provision of Guard Room, generator and proper fire fighting vehicles
  • Zail Ghar Katcherey Bazar
  • Land= 2.2- 4 Kanals
  • Stories= 05
  • Parking capacity of 500 vehicles
  • Construction of 50 shops.
  • Provision of guard room and generator
  • Proper fire fighting vehicles.

Role of Government Agency

Provision of land

Role of Private Party

Design, Build, Operate, Finance and Transfer

Current Status

Hiring of transaction advisory services to prepare PPP project proposal is in process. 



  • Site Counter: 660,950