Dual Carriageway Dina Mangla Road from N5, Dina to Mangla Bridge, Mangla

Project Introduction

Dina Mangla road is very important Inter District and Inter Provincial Highway Link. It off takes near Dina from National Highway (N-5) at Dina Bypass near Dina City and terminates at Mirpur AJK. This road falls under the jurisdiction of Punjab Highway Department, up to Mangla Bridge. Single Carriageway Mangla Bridge after having been damaged in floods was constructed by NHA, due to its importance, both strategically and socially.


Dina Mangla

Proposal Type

Solicited with BOT

Estimated Cost

PKR 1,925 million (including 223 million for land acquisition cost)

Concession Period

25 Years

Concerned/Sponsoring Agency

Communication and Works Department

Salient Features

  • Length: 12.83 KM
  • ROW: 110 ft
  • Proposed Design: Four lane Divided Highway
  • Toll Plaza: 1 station

Role of Government Agency

Build Operate and Transfer

Role of Private Party

Provision of ROW

Current Status

Project proposal under preparation



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