Drivers Training Program In Punjab


The project aims to increase the skills and competence of drivers to meet the international standards. It will also help in reduction of traffic accidents on the roads. The new program consists of new facilities and equipment, along with re-equipped, re-trained, and properly managed private driving schools. The proposed project will enable drivers within Punjab to be more skilled and trained to drive different vehicles.


Type A Training Schools

Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad

Type B Training Centers

12 Centers

Franchise schools



Proposal Type

Unsolicited proposal by Swede Tech International & Opus Inspection  on Build Operate Transfer (BOT) basis

Estimated Cost

PKR 1,523 million

Concession Period

20 Years

Concerned/Sponsoring Agency

Transport Department

Salient Features

  • Four (4) Type A training centers OF international standards in Lahore, Multan,  Rawalpindi & Faisalabad
  • Initially twelve (12) Type B training centers in the most populated districts.  
  • Initially twenty (20) franchise schools that are privately owned and operated under a contract with Opus’ management.  
  • Ensuring that at least one Type A, Type B or private school is available in each of the thirty six (36) districts of Punjab, below over a four year period.
  • Retaining Opus-selected franchise driving schools in the program, after receiving their application and agreement to perform required upgrades and be certified by Opus; 
  • Setting up new driver training facilities or ensuring that private driver training centers catering to LTV, Car/Jeep, Tractor, Rickshaw and Motor Cycle are available to all motorists in the Punjab

Role of Government Agency

  • Provision of land for driver training sites.
  • Enforcement of Driver Training and Information System (DTIS) to ensure motorist compliance with training requirements
  • Ensuring licensing requirements are adhered to.
  • Responsive enforcement of DTIS by authorities, including the Police.
  • Legislation must be crafted and passed by the Assembly that puts all driver licensing functions under Transport Department authority.
  • The Authority must grant exclusive rights to the concessionaire to operate the program and to grant license to private schools to participate in the program under contract with the concessionaire.
  • Active support for and participation in a public education program in support of the new Driver Training Program.
  • Program oversight.

Role of Private Party

  • Private party will be responsible for designing, financing, construction, operation and maintenance (O&M).
  • Retaining various private driving schools in the program, after receiving their agreement to perform required upgrades and become certified under a license to the Consortium, thereby ensuring adherence to quality standards;
  • Providing data management hardware and software to keep records and data of all students and training schools;
  • Providing driver training simulators in all consortium’s managed training centers;
  • Providing training of women with female instructors and special (separate) classes

Current Status

Project development under process.



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