Aquaculture Processing Zone in Punjab


Presently, the conventional way of aquaculture development is being practiced which needs to be compatible with the modern trends in fisheries sector. There is a need to create export facilities to fetch share in the world market through establishment of aquaculture export processing zone in Punjab. This will be the first ever facility to be created in Pakistan for the export of freshwater fish, as currently Pakistan is exporting only marine fish. The project will explore the possibility for establishment of fish export processing zone by introducing modern aquaculture system, fish processing and marketing technology.



Proposal Type

Solicited proposal on Built Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis

Estimated Cost

PKR 3,000 million

Concession Period

15 Years

Concerned/Sponsoring Agency

Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries Department, Government of the Punjab

Role of Government Agency

Provision of land

Role of Private Party

Design, built, Operate & Maintain

Current Status

Project Proposal under preparation.



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